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Each week we will be bringing you hunts from our clients, as well as ourselves from our operation in Ohio, Our worldwide partners,our home state of North Carolina, and just about anywhere else you can think of. We offer you, the individual, an opportunity to come hunt with us wherever we may be and have your talents showcased on the show. From the beginning we have understood that everyone’s idea of a Trophy is different. From the first time Whitetail Hunters cow horn spike to the seasoned Hunters Boone and Crockett Book  Entry, one is just as important as the other in our eyes.

So come along each week as we travel To and Fro in search of each individuals Trophy. Along the way you will learn the ins and outs of our operation and just how easy it is to come hunt with us and be a part of Team TRA. Welcome To The Trophy Room. 

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Fridays at 7:00 PM

Scott Martin
Scott Martin Started Trophy Room Adventures in Nov. of 2014. Scott has been a hunter his whole life starting at a very young age, he has had an opportunity to hunt in several states, Canada and Africa and has filmed countless hunts for himself and others. Scott gave up his job as a General Contractor in 2014 to chase his dreams in the outdoor industry, He has pretty much done it all at one point or another, from cameraman to editor , producer, and now owner of his own outfitting operation in Ohio and Television Series . Scott Holds a special place in his heart for getting Kids and first time hunters into hunting as well as helping the seasoned hunters take their trophy of a lifetime at their operation in Ohio.
Brandon Murphy
Brandon Murphy  32 yrs old was born and raised in Burnsville North Carolina. He is married to his wonderful wife Ashley Murphy and he has a 8yr old son Bryson Murphy. He started hunting with his farther around the age of 7 he got his first dose of buck fever when he was 13, so from that point on his passion for whitetails has grown and grown. Brandon has been fortunate to chase them throughout the country and harvested some amazing whitetail with his largest just over 200 inches. He is very passionate about family hunting, fishing and getting kids in outdoors. He is raising his son in the outdoors just as his father did. With many memories to be made he continues to educate his son and chase game throughout the country.