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Mossy OakLast-minute food plot planting help for bowhunters:
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Mossy OakHow ProStaffer Ken Reeves has taken over 100 deer with a bow:

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Chasing the nation’s most popular game bird on the very ground it calls home is humbling to the best of hunters. There’s many a pitfall to be found between roosted and roasted, and some of the most experienced turkey hunters in America gather here to share what they’ve learned about them all. Today’s Hunters United for Good: More than simply another TV show, the Turkey and Deer THUGS series is a salute and a helping hand to the soldiers who’ve been wounded while keeping our nation free. A portion of the licensing dollars generated by Deer and Turkey THUG merchandise goes to the Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund, which helps our heroes get back to the outdoors and return to the traditions their sacrifices helped protect.

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