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Voracious is not your typical cooking show. With our host you will learn many new cooking techniques and recipes to delight your palate. The show is geared toward the outdoor enthusiast who wants to try something adventurous not only in life but food as well. Voracious is a cooking show where men and women will learn new recipes while being wildly entertained by Tony Tehro.

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Saturdays at 3:30 PM

Chef Tony Terho
Meet Chef Tony Terho! Tony is an “Ink Covered Super Chef” tempting your palate weekly with fantastic dishes. A Finland native who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, Tony has a flare for the eccentric and his background is drenched in culinary expertise and bold choices. From fishing, hunting, surfing and MMA fighting to fast cars, Tony loves to push the limits of life.

Tony takes the opportunity to awaken the “Adventurous Foodie” in every viewer. Tony takes the viewer by the scruff of the neck and leads them through how to’s of each dish educating and exciting the audience to the possibilities that are within their reach.