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Colorado BuckCongratulations Danica on a BEAUTIFUL whitetail at The Dusty Rose - Great shooting!! #hunting #whitetail #dustyrose
Colorado BuckMany people don’t have a grasp of what the purpose of Veteran’s day is; unfortunately it is just another day for so…
Colorado BuckIt's beginning to look a lot like #christmas!! A great gift for ALL #shotgun shooters is My Personal Favorite Choke…
Colorado BuckThis comes in from one of my brothers from #Africa, Ryan Harris, watching the 📺 show took a pic of a particular seg…
Colorado BuckElk Season is ON and I’m in Camp!! I hope you’re in camp and it’s as great as ours!! #elk #hunting #huntingseason

Colorado’s travels take him to such places as Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, South Africa, Australia, New Caledonia, Argentina, Russia, England, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Alaska, Cameroon, Kenya, and Canada just to name a few.  He is featured as a worldwide big game hunter in pursuit of exotic species most of us only dream about and some we have NEVER heard of. Feel the excitement and rush of the hunt with this award winning outfitter as he chases his dreams while bringing you a unique hunting experience from all over the globe.
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