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Wicked Stick Outdoors was founded by Darren and Serena Lione as an avenue to share hunting and fishing experiences with other sports men and women. Darren Lione is an experienced hunter and fisherman along with over 20 years in the forest industry business. His wife, Serena, has always enjoyed shooting, fishing and the outdoors. However, it was not until she met Darren that her love for hunting was truly revealed. She is now a diverse sport woman and has found the passion for sharing her experiences and helping preserve our heritage as general outdoors men and women. Together they share this passion and want to make a difference in the outdoor industry. We are dedicated to preserving our hunting and fishing heritage along with sharing our adventures with fellow sportsman.

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Mondays at 10:30 AM

Darren & Serena Lione
Darren Lione grew up in the upstate of South Carolina where he developed a passion for the outdoors at a very early age. He now resides in Southwest Virginia with his family, where his the love for the outdoors grows more every day. He is very passionate about getting others involved in our rich heritage of hunting, trapping, fishing and all things in the great outdoors!

Serena Lione grew up in southwest Virginia fishing and hunting, as it has always been a way of life here. She has fished since she was old enough to hold a fishing rod, and always fished with her Grandpa. It wasn’t until she met her husband, Darren, that her passion for hunting was found. Although she has always enjoyed shooting, she was never introduced to the rush of hunting. As a wife, mother and huntress, she hopes to pass on her love for chasing whitetail, spring gobblers and the fishing traditions down to her children.