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Working Class HunterPost the last hunting related photo on your phone in the comments below. I'll start hours ago
Working Class HunterStaff member Tracy Taylor getting it done #10 for WCH. #Treezyn #Odashare #Timberfreakcalls #Killergear #FourthArrow day ago
Working Class HunterEnter in Turkey Fest Treezyn days ago
Working Class HunterStaff member Jeff Vance makes quick work of his two days in KY one per day. Now on to the next state. #Treezyn... days ago
Working Class Hunter#turkeyfan #killergear days ago
Working Class HunterWCH pro staffer member Anthony Holt filmed his wife kill her first Kentucky bird this morning on a cold rainy... days ago
Working Class Hunter days ago
Working Class HunterGreat morning for WCH 2 birds on the ground. 9 and counting.... #Turkeyfan #Killergear #Treezyn #Timberfreakscalls4 days ago
Working Class HunterAwesome morning in the woods! (Denny) #MathewsHalon #TimberFreakGameCalls #BlackEagleArrows #Treezyn #WorkingClassHunter #Odashare4 days ago
Working Class HunterWCH is excited to announce our partnership with Killer Gear the parent company of Turkey Fan for 2017. I... days ago
Working Class HunterMy 1st day of Turkey Hunting this year was a good day. Just could not pull them in to get a shot with the... days ago
Working Class HunterCheck out Odashare days ago
Working Class HunterStaff member Mike Hamlet getting it done in KY. #Treezyn #Timberfreakscalls days ago
Working Class HunterWhat a beautiful bird!!!-Anthony days ago
Working Class HunterI posted a new photo to Facebook week ago
Working Class HunterWe got to share a special moment filming Caleb this weekend on his first ever turkey hunt watch and enjoy as much... week ago
Working Class HunterYep that happened. Two double bearded toms today for the WCH crew. week ago
Working Class HunterStaff member Chris Burton getting a double beard today in KY.1 week ago
Working Class HunterSo humbled right now. I had the honor to film Caleb on his first ever Turkey hunt.2 weeks ago
Working Class HunterGot em' on the roost! Who is ready for the Michigan turkey season to start? weeks ago

The original name and idea for Poor Boys Outdoors started back in 2003 with an old Sony Hi8 camcorder, some camouflage tape, and a dream of capturing some great hunting footage to share with my friends and family. On my first hunt behind the camera, a big ol’ Kentucky longbeard charged right into the decoys at 20 yards and I got to video my 13 year-old nephew pulling the trigger on his first Eastern Wild Turkey. To say I was hooked would be an understatement!
It wasn’t long before I was finding and recruiting other guys who shared my passion, and the Poor Boys Outdoors TV show was born. For a couple of years, we ran locally in the Louisville, KY market on WBNA 21, and across much of Kentucky on the WAZOO sports network. Through the TV show, attendance at outdoor expos and our social media efforts, we began to develop a good following of great guys and gals. We have a great group of guys in place, a fantastic lineup of sponsors, and are beginning to start laying down footage for WORKING CLASS HUNTER. We hope you will stick around, get involved with us through our website, social media, and our videos. “Shoot straight, hunt safe, and most importantly, always enjoy your time spent in God’s great outdoors!” Brian Grossman the original Founder.

Now fast forward to 2016 we have taken WCH to the next level focusing on the average Working Class Hunter. Allen Bullman the new owner is committed to providing a quality show that everyone can related to. 
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Thursdays at 7:00 AM

Anthony Holt
Anthony is a taxidermist in KY and helps edit the show, and his wealth of knowledge of hunting whitetail and skills running a camera has help our group excel to the next level.
Allen Bullman
Allen is the Host, Owner, editor of WCH. I have been working hard for our group doing my best to make a quality show that the average hunter can relate to and show anyone that put their mind to it can follow their dreams.