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Xtreme Revenge Outdoors does not focus on one specific game we travel all over hunting a variety of animals.  Our favorite big game are the chase of the monster whitetails from the cool of Indianna all the way down to the hot heat of Alabama.  We originate from Tennessee and started out with nothing but the lords prayers and so far he has blessed us this far.  The main goal of XRO is to give you %100 true hunts although we do have a few hunts that are fenced in to assure you a gaurantee kill, but the majority of the hunts are free range which is the best type of hunting.

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Tyler Burress
Tyler started Xtreme Revenge Outdoors not because he loves the outdoors, but if finds it his way of giving back to the youth for a chance of a lifetime. Tyler started with nothing but a cheap camera and an idea determined to never gave up on his dream, no matter how hard it became sometimes and today his dreams and hard work have paid off .