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Bushnell’s Trigger Effect breaks the standard mold of hunting adventure TV shows.  Although our Hosts and Pro-Staff provide high-quality outdoor adventures in every episode, we also focus on the hunt before and after the trigger is pulled with a high-value on education. There is more to hunting than just the stalk and taking of the harvest.  

The show draws from the diversified outdoor education and experience of the two Hosts.  The Bushnell’s Trigger Effect team was carefully selected to ensure that the production was well-rounded in not only being able to offer the viewer a great cinematic experience but also provide multiple perspectives of expertise from within the entire outdoor industry.  Dean, Kent and their Pro-Staff have all enjoyed very successful professional careers in the outdoor sector and now bring that experience to Bushnell’s Trigger Effect.

Tony “Bones” Boninsegna
Tony is a husband (to a very understanding wife) and father of 3 amazing boys (twins-16 youngest-4). He got my first hunting license at the age of 9….and never looked back! He spends as much time as possible in the outdoors. Whether it’s the calm of a treestand waitin on the monster buck we’ve been watchin all year…or the heart pounding anticipation of calling coyotes…or the back and forth with a big ol gobbler …Tony just can’t seem to get enough. Tony hopes to pass on this enthusiasm, the love of the hunt, and an appreciation for the outdoors to as many people as possible.
Mark Stowe
Mark Stowe has spent over 25 years on the water fishing.  He found his love for fishing as a kid from his Granddad. His passion for fishing flourished into pursuing tournament fishing and he began competing at many levels.  After years of competing his family began to grow; wife Jill, and children Chris, Nicholas, and Lauren. His desire to compete turned to a love for spending time with his family and enjoying the outdoors.

While his passion continued to grow, Mark became an ambassador for 811 and the safe digging message and he began promoting this message for 15 plus years and has continued his partnership. Mark takes the 811 Safe Digging Message serious because he is a landscaper by trade and understands its importance to individuals.

Mark’s love for the outdoors and the support from sponsors has lead him to host “The Direction”, his new TV show.  The opportunity came about to host this outdoor show, this was a childhood dream for Mark.

Mark is energetic and will keep you going in all directions. He enjoys talking fishing with kids, enjoys creating the show and understands how thankful he should be to have this opportunity.

“You are given a gift and sometimes you must look for the purpose for which to use it”  ~ Mark Stowe