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Trigger EffectTrigger EffectOver the past few years with the help of Bushnell and Primos Hunting trail cameras we have been able to capture som… https://t.co/tDVrebddmD11 mins ago
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Trigger EffectTrigger EffectDean drops off his big buck to Deanna Roth at Hunters Union Dermestid Beetle Skull Cleaning and European Mounts. P… https://t.co/0fAhhmmTWU2 days ago
Trigger EffectTrigger EffectDean connects with amazing whitetail buck thanks to Redman Trophy Big Game Hunts also a huge thanks to our sponsors… https://t.co/XhoIvjRG967 days ago
Trigger EffectTrigger EffectDean connects with amazing whitetail buck thanks to @RedmanTrophyBigGameHunts also a huge thanks to our sponsors Bu… https://t.co/2gKZNFAznn7 days ago
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Trigger EffectTrigger EffectBeautiful start to our hunt with @RedmanTrophyBigGameHunts, gonna be an amazing 5-days.1 week ago
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Trigger EffectTrigger EffectHuge congrats to our cameraman Trent Hedley for harvesting this magnificent northern Manitoba bull moose. Kent enjoyed filming this one.2 weeks ago
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Trigger EffectTrigger EffectKent and cameraman Trent Hedley flew into northern Manitoba today for a 10-day Canada moose hunt, who else has flow… https://t.co/0nEMJLy2NM4 weeks ago
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Bushnell’s Trigger Effect breaks the standard mold of hunting adventure TV shows.  Although our Hosts and Pro-Staff provide high-quality outdoor adventures in every episode, we also focus on the hunt before and after the trigger is pulled with a high-value on education. There is more to hunting than just the stalk and taking of the harvest.  

The show draws from the diversified outdoor education and experience of the two Hosts.  The Bushnell’s Trigger Effect team was carefully selected to ensure that the production was well-rounded in not only being able to offer the viewer a great cinematic experience but also provide multiple perspectives of expertise from within the entire outdoor industry.  Dean, Kent and their Pro-Staff have all enjoyed very successful professional careers in the outdoor sector and now bring that experience to Bushnell’s Trigger Effect.

Dean Trumbley
Dean Trumbley is a former professional biologist and a proud father of five children. Dean grew up in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada and started hunting and fishing at a very young age with his father and grandfather. Dean is no stranger to the hunting and fishing industry as his grandfather Smokey Trumbley was a hunting/fishing celebrity on TV, radio and in the newspapers from 1970-1980’s. As a biologist (trained in both wildlife and freshwater fisheries), Dean has conducted over 75 studies and also worked at the federal and international levels including a 3-year period with the Canadian delegation on the United Nation’s – Convention of Biological Diversity.  Besides being a biologist, Dean also was a professional big game in his earlier years. As one of the Hosts for Bushnell’s Trigger Effect, Dean brings a unique skill set to the show as an accomplished research level biologist with a strong compliment of big game guiding and life-long hunting experience.
Kent Michie
Kent Michie was born and raised in rural Manitoba, Canada in a small farming community of less than 500 people. Kent’s country up bringing has imprinted upon him a real love for nature and all things wild. Like most Canadian boys, Kent has a love of hockey which enabled him to attend North Dakota State University on a scholarship where he received an Applied Sciences Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries.  After his post-secondary education Kent moved to British Columbia, Canada.  Kent enjoyed a 25-year career as a professional big game guide throughout western Canada. While in British Columbia, Kent started a successful taxidermy business which he continues to operate today in Manitoba.  As one of the Hosts for Bushnell’s Trigger Effect, Kent brings amazing experience to the show as a life-long professional guide with a biology background.