In a laboratory setting, many products like soda pop, bleach, soap, and salt can kill the EHD virus, and other viruses. However, hunters would never give deer any of these when they are sick, or as a deterrent to prevent disease. Hunters don’t put out salt blocks to cure EHD. It’s much more complicated than that. A product may work in a laboratory setting, but may have no relevance in the real world. What do we mean by this?

It is NOT an automatic jump from in vitro (in a lab setting) to in vivo (in animal). If it was that easy, we would have the cure for EHD, HIV, Influenza, and other viruses in a pill form.


Recent talk of a potential EHD cure has prompted us to speak to the science of what we know…and we do know a thing or two about the EHD viruses, and other viruses. Yes, viruses plural, you read that right – there are eight known stereotypes of the EHD virus, three types in the United States. How do we know?


We know this because we own laboratories, veterinary clinics, and animal nutrition companies. First and foremost we are scientists. Our founders have started three USDA licensed laboratories, (who have sold products nationally and internationally). We are microbiologists, animal nutritionists, and have fifteen veterinarians on staff. Our laboratory developed the first significant commercial EHD vaccine from isolates submitted by state deer breeder associations. One point we want to make crystal clear is that there is no proven cure to date for EHD, and anyone making that claim would not be able to get it approved by the USDA or the FDA at this time, thus making a false claim. We do not claim to “cure” EHD. What we can do is promote immunity and herd health. We got our start in the deer feed industry because of requests for help in the fight against EHD outbreaks. We formulated our supplements with ingredients that studies have shown would stimulate a positive immune response, and since we can’t line up wild deer in chutes for vaccinations, we put ingredients in our supplements with known health promoting benefits.


Ani-Logics Outdoors® exclusive Ani-Shield TX4® technology includes probiotics for improved digestion and gut health, vitamins for overall health, targeted minerals like copper, zinc, selenium, and manganese, in the chelated form, for up to 70% increased absorption rates, and a mix of essential oils for their health promoting properties. As a side note, our laboratory received a federal grant to study essential oils, and their efficacy rates against disease, but we don’t limit ourselves strictly to EHD or blue tongue. Our focus is of a much broader spectrum. Many animals also die due to the secondary diseases that take advantage of a weakened immune system, which is why we have also focused on products that have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. And there are other benefits of a healthy immune system, like increased bone and antler growth and reproductive health.


We have touched on health, but we still need to talk about something unmentioned by the competition – ATTRACTION and PALATABILITY, a sometimes overlooked, but very real factor. It’s extremely challenging to make ingredients, like vitamins and minerals, palatable to whitetails. It is the very reason kid’s vitamins are now yummy, “gummy” vitamins instead of the chalky, bad tasting vitamins of old. You can have the healthiest diet formulation in the world, but if the deer refuse to eat it, the health benefits are useless. We realize that there are a lot of attractants out there, but it is important to remember that attraction is not nutrition, it’s possible that you can have nutrition with amazing attraction. Ani-Logics™ offers exactly that; with exclusive Invisi-Scent Technology designed to lure deer in with amazing long-range attraction, and hold deer on your hunting ground with unbelievable palatability!

In talking with hunters across the country, we found 4 different feeding focuses depending on region and specific herd needs:

1). Health

2). Antler Growth

3). Attraction

4). Holding and Patterning Deer

The priorities may differ from hunter to hunter, or season to season, but Ani-Logics™ is the only company that can offer the complete 4-focus package. We rolled the best of all things into our deer feed!


Ani-Logics™ continues to strive for quality and excellence in their products. Continuing laboratory research and field-testing, along with the development of new and improved products means that Ani-Logics™ is a company committed to providing customers better products with superior results and service as a top priority after the sale!

When you are ready for some real science to take your herd to the next level,

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