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American AirgunnerThey just started shipping and here's my review of the GAUNTLET 25. Obviously, it was hot when I did this. From wha…
American AirgunnerTime for us everyday Airgunners to weigh-in! What say you?
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American AirgunnerHope you enjoyed our @wildernesstotable episode with @brivanscotter as we chased the Black Buck all the way to the…
American AirgunnerPyramyd Air is giving EVERYONE a chance to win $3000 Prize Package doing the #BackyardBrawl Challenge. It's so eas…

Our mission is to promote non-powder guns (airguns) as safe, recreational, hunting, and sport shooting products while informing and educating viewers about the safe uses of airguns and related products. American Airgunner is a production journey that includes airgun hunting, technical segments and challenges in which shooters use both skill and strategy to knock down and explode various targets with a multitude of airguns.
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Wednesdays at 4:30 PM
Fridays at 1:30 AM
Fridays at 12:30 PM
Fridays 8:30 PM

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Steve Criner Hunts
Steve Criner is no stranger to hunting. He is the 2010 World Champion Predator Caller, served as a pro staffer for Hunters Specialties® for a number of years, and is now the creator of Dog Soldier, a brand aimed at empowering predator hunters to pursue their passion. Criner is a hunting personality, best known for his success as a predator hunter, who has owned and used airguns since childhood for both recreation and hunting.
Rossi Morreale
Rossi Morreale was born and raised in Arkansas, where he attended the University of Arkansas and started as a wide receiver for the Razorbacks. He grew up hunting and fishing and although he resides in Los Angeles, still goes back to Arkansas to hunt with his dad. “I’m anxious to be a part of American Airgunner. I’ll be hosting a show about something I enjoy and grew up doing—shooting. And I expect to get to blow some stuff up!”