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BrushPile Fishing is an exciting and educational fishing show focused on Crappie Fishing throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the list goes on. Our show takes viewers through finding the right lake, setting up a pattern that works, and how to bring in big fish and big numbers no matter what time of year.

With each episode of BrushPile Fishing, our knowledgeable and experienced show host, Russ Bailey, and the best local pro help navigate the water and pattern to find the best fish. This is a show that teaches anglers of all experience levels tips and techniques for catching more crappie. 

Air Timesest
Saturdays at 3:30 PM

Russ Bailey
BrushPile Fishing is hosted by 11 time National Qualifier, Russ Bailey. Russ has 14 tournament wins under his belt and is a member of the B’n’M Pro Staff. Russ formerly created and hosted the Midwest Crappie television show for 9 years. His success led to launching his Signature Series Pole with B’n’M Poles, Dock Shooting Kit with Southern Pro Tackle and DVD series, “Anytime Crappie,” with B’n’M Poles.

Russ is a retired police officer, and when he’s not fishing, he works as the Dog Warden for Auglaize County, Ohio. Russ has a magnetic and engaging persona on screen, and is able to get the information across to viewers in an efficient and entertaining manner. Russ is a true supporter of the crappie fishing industry and respected member of the community, speaking on many seminar circuits.