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We’re a group of dedicated hunters from Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. All of the Team Members of Buck Obsession have families, full time jobs and participate in programs that support wounded veterans and The Green Bow Foundation which teaches kids about the outdoors and other fundamentals of hunting.  We pride ourselves on capturing reality based hunting and outdoor experiences on film. Follow us as we hunt and fish all over the country and thanks for checking us out. Buck Obsession loves the outdoors and respect’s the wildlife they hunt and harvest. Buck Obsession loves hunting in God’s Creation. Buck Obsession’s mission is to provide an inspire others have a goal of Family,Faith, and Friendship. Buck Obsession provides genuine, sincere and ethical shows about hunting. 

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Thursdays at 7:00 AM

Steve Lewis
Steve Lewis and his son Colby Lewis started Buck Obsession in 2011. Steve has a love and passion for the outdoor’s and has been hunting since the age seven. Steve produces Buck Obsession and manages Team Members from varies states. Steve’s mission is to show that teamwork does work. Steve preaches Family,Faith, and Friendship. Steve balances his career with first his family, his career in Law Enforcement and now a television show. Steve believes that handwork pay’s off with success at the end.