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There is more to hunting than mounting a trophy. Buttermilk Creek TV is about the journey and the experience of the hunt. Our team is young, enthusiastic, and lives the outdoor lifestyle.Three things separate BMC TV from the rest of the pack. Realism – we relate to the common man. Not every hunt ends with antlers on the ground. We show the reality of hunting. Hits and misses. We show it all. Credibility – our hosts own and operate a successful archery shop and hunting outfitter with two locations in North Carolina. Production quality – our production team is made up of professionals with years of commercial video production experience who also happen to be avid outdoorsmen.

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Carson Koury

Carson Koury owns and operates Buttermilk Creek Outfitters, a local bow shop and sporting goods store with two locations in North Carolina. Backed up by his wife, Lynsey, and life-long friend CJ Gantos, who works at Buttermilk Creek Outfitters, this host team has the youth and energy needed to send the outdoor television industry into overdrive.