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Fisherman's HandbookGain some great insight into choosing rods and reels during this new episode of the @FishHandbook ! @BassProShops
Fisherman's HandbookSet an alarm for 7:00 PM (Est) so you remember to tune in to the @PursuitChannel! You can thank us later!…
Fisherman's HandbookAn early morning fishing trip is the best way to start your day! @RangerBoats @BassProShops @Cabelas
Fisherman's HandbookNow is one of the best times of the year to stop by your local @BassProShops and @Cabelas! Don't miss the…
Fisherman's HandbookGetting ready to throw a mixture of baits at them today! @BassProShops @Cabelas @spro_usa @BigBiteBaits
Fisherman's HandbookOne of the greatest events of the year starts today at @BassProShops and @Cabelas! #SpringFishingClassic

Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, hosted by Wade Middleton, continues the tradition of showcasing top fishing destinations while featuring educational fishing tips provided by touring pros, guides, and industry representatives.   Every episode features the latest techniques and products available to anglers, ensuring that each show episode is informative for first time anglers as well as seasoned tournament pros

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Wade Middleton
Wade Middleton is the President and Co-owner of Careco TV one of the leading outdoor media production companies in the nation.   For nearly two decades, Wade has been part of Careco TV and Careco Multimedia in San Antonio, Texas, where he has become one of the most diverse television hosts and producers working today.  With years of experience in the outdoors at various levels in the field and on the water has allowed Wade to work  with numerous companies nationwide to design programs, initiatives and strategies related to fishing, hunting, and other outdoors promotional opportunities.