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Gary Roberson, host of CARNIVORE states “It is our goal to bring you a classy, cinematic hunting show with the very best footage of the predators, the places and the folks who pursue them.”  Follow Gary and his cohorts as they predator and hound hunt across the U.S..  3 time Emmy Award winning producer Brian Hawkins’ ability to tell a story proves that there is so much more to hunting than killing critters.  Steve Roberson continues to capture the fantastic footage you see on CARNIVORE TV.  Please watch as CARNIVORE takes predator hunting to the next level.
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Gary Roberson
Gary Roberson was raised on his family’s ranch in South Texas. Living on the ranch allowed Roberson to hunt on an almost daily basis and he took advantage of the situation.  He killed his first whitetail buck at age seven while hunting by himself, began calling varmints at age ten and maintained a pack of bobcat and coon hounds at age 12. It seemed that if there was an excuse to go to the woods, Roberson would find it. Gary rates coyote calling as his favorite hunting, however enjoys any hunting that involves calling an animal.

Roberson purchased Burnham Brothers Game Calls in 1991 and  has produced many popular predator calling videos and DVDs.  Roberson worked with Savage Arms to develop the Model 10 Predator Hunter and with Nikon Sport Optics to produce the Coyote Special riflescope, two products specific for the predator calling game. Gary is on Pro Staff with Mossy Oak, Ruger, 10X, Trijicon, Hornady and Texas Trophy Hunters.  Gary lives by the  philosophy that “he who hunts the most, hunts the best”