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Chasin Creation is a group of men and women that love God and the outdoors.  We have been enjoying God’s creation all across our great country and we now have the opportunity to share these adventures with the world.  We realize that we have been blessed beyond measure and that is why the foundation of Chasin Creation is to leave a legacy to the next generation, not just our hunting & fishing heritage but also our Christian heritage.  In order to accomplish this goal, we have teamed up with Cross Trail Outfitters and have started the process of sharing our faith and our heritage with today’s youth all across the nation. 

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Thursdays at 12:30 PM

Jeff Bryant
Jeff Bryant, grew up in the outdoors with his father, Greg Bryant, by his side.  As Jeff’s love for God and the outdoors grew he had a dream to have a hunting show that would share his hunting heritage and at the same time, share his faith in God.  Jeff continued to follow his passion for the outdoors and by doing so he was able to harvest many animals from multiple countries but more importantly, he obtained many life experiences and memories that few will ever experience.  Eventually, as time went on, he was able to find like-minded spiritual brothers and sisters that would work together to help fulfill his dream….. and Chasin Creation was born.