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Hunters are the true conservationists of today.  We all hunt for different reasons.  All of them matter, and yet none of them matter.  Conservation through utilization insures the future of our wildlife worldwide.  Adventure hunting requires few hunters willing to sacrifice much in time, effort and dollars creating value that reduces poaching and lays the groundwork for community and institutional management of special species in our most amazing wild places.  This is Conservation Wild.
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James Brion
“Applying big picture capitalistic principles to hunting establishes value to wildlife across the globe and absolutely insures its future.  No other management strategy, including hands off management can do this.”  James Brion, USA.  B.S. Finance
Rob Dunham
When you show up at your hunting outfit in a third world country and find that nearly every able bodied man and woman from the local village is lined up to interview as a guide, skinner, tracker, cook, or even to do laundry, you realize how important adventure hunters are not only to the wildlife, but also to the people who live with them.”  Rob Dunham, Canada, PHD Hunting