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Creator Blaine Anthony formed Freedom Fighters back in 2011. He wanted to create a show that not only educated the public on the constitutional freedoms being stolen from us every year, but a show that husband, wife and kids could sit down and watch and there would be something on the show for everyone. Well the result was a smash hit, with a show in a class by itself.


Jeff Zimba

Jeff  has been a staple in the Black Gun industry with over 20 years of writing, editing, and test and evaluation. Though Jeff gets poked fun at by the boys, he is the backbone of knowledge for the show. He is coined with the well-deserved name “The Black Gun Guru”.

Adam Hendsbee
Adam is a gun shop owner, a licensed trainer, and Blaine’s arch enemy. The show’s filled with competitions between Adam and Blaine in a “who can outsmart, outshoot, and all around win the shootouts”, in which the looser punishment could be anything from a 1 million volt tazering, to a crushed cell phone.
Blaine Anthony
Blaine has been on a dozen different TV shows over the past 14 years, and he is the newbie of the black gun world that makes it clear on the show, he will not be bored with relentless rambling about the inner working of guns.