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Hobie FishingHobie FishingHobie BOS - Register here The first Hobie BOS Event on Lake Chickamauga starts this Saturd… day ago
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Hobie FishingHobie FishingGetting salty with Mike Iaconelli in La Jolla, CA weeks ago
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Hobie FishingHobie Fishing2019, you have your work cut out for you 👊 months ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingFrom all of us, to all of you! months ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingYeah, yeah... so you know Mike Iaconelli and you know about his show Going Ike But... what do you know about "Goi… months ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingDrumroll please.... months ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWhen people doubt that you can catch big fish from a kayak... and you show them a 170 lbs, 70.5" tuna! Shout to… months ago
Hobie FishingHobie Fishing“If you are seeking a new adventure, or just want to expand on your fishing abilities, a Hobie Kayak is a great way… months ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingUrban fishing… it’s a thing. Especially since you can do it from your Hobie kayak. Watch as Hobie's Mike Iaconell… months ago
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Hobie FishingHobie FishingWhy is a good livewell so important? It'll keep your bait alive and healthier to help you hook those bigger fish!… months ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingGet bent! Reel West Coast hooks into a nice halibut while kayak fishing in Alaska. Check out their YouTube chann… months ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingCongrats to #HobieFishing Team member Benton Parrott for winning his 4th IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Championship! months ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWhy use Deck Pads on your Kayak? Hobie's EVA Deck Pad kits are custom fit to every curve of our kayaks, and delive… months ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingSea Samurai has got his work cut out for him! Check out this nice yellowtail he caught early in the morning. Being… months ago

From surf to stream, we’ll take you on a chase, up close and personal, for today’s most popular gamefish or that perfect wave.  This is Hobie country!  We’ll cover the tips, tactics, and techniques for the ultimate kayaking experience as we embrace the abundant opportunities the water has to offer.

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