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Welcome to Lights Out Outdoors, where the passion for hunting has never been stronger.  The four men of the LOO crew are, Tom Chamberlain, Justin Reneau, Jason McKinley and Chris Redman, a former Super Bowl winning quarterback. Some of us shoot competitive archery, while others devote time to the KY State ASA as well as the Chickasaw Archery Club. We also have staff members who contribute mainstream footage for our viewers to enjoy.  Just like the rest of you, we have everyday jobs and families to sustain. As sportsmen, we enjoy hunting deer, wild pigs, waterfowl, wild turkey, predators and are never disappointed when we can throw in a line. We’ve been blessed to have Tribe Archery, Dexter Outdoors, Dat Sauce and Prym1 Camo support us through our journey thus far, not to mention a few new sponsors who have just come on board. Our mission is to provide an outdoor experience that is not only entertaining, but also relatable to our audience. Through our stories, we want to educate others, promote our sport and we hope to provide a positive influence in all communities and industries. We strive to get the youth involved and encourage everyone to share our enthusiasm for the outdoors. We travel throughout the country in order to share our hunting experiences in all varieties and to provide our followers with interesting events. We are honored to share our outdoor expertise with you and we firmly believe “It’s not a hobby; it’s a way of life.”

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Saturdays at 6:00 AM

LOO Crew
Tom Chamberlain, Justin Reneau, Jason McKinley and Chris Redman.