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Rocky ThompsonRocky Thompson week ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonDid I sleep through something?! When did enough of my fellow countrymen and women become dumb enough to elect those… week ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @ggb_1944: @ewarren @RashidaTlaib BS Elizabeth, she brings it on herself. She said the words, she owns her words and if she doesn’t want…1 week ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @willmann12: We already know what De Niro thinks, so why do they keep telling us. When did people start caring what De Niro thinks? ————…1 week ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonThat's funny! Because he never saw his oath to office as anything to be taken serious!! week ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonThis folks, is why we elected this guy! Just in case any of you have forgot!! week ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonYou liberal fruit cakes are being used by the enemy! WAKE UP DUMB ASSES!! week ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky Thompson weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky Thompson weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @TomFitton: Radical leftist congressman who supports CAIR, a front for terror group Hamas, smears Americans who oppose her agenda. https…2 weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @ETTalkShow: @AOC This would be hilarious except for the mental disorders forming in your generation . The naive, uninformed and arrogan…2 weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @GIJoeOPS: END 22! Approximately 22 Veterans a day commit suicide! Would at least 22 of my Twitter friends please copy and tweet? 💥Ve…2 weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonIts time folks! We have to take extreme steps as our fore fathers did or we are going to loose! You can't sit back… weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @TheReal_Hurl: @SenGillibrand You pocket money from Planned Parenthood. You literally allow babies to be murdered for the sake of power…2 weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @CHIZMAGA: Over 3 Million people have watched Ted Lieu’s virgin ass get completely wrecked. This poor guy is gonna have to sit on a pill…2 weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @BigLance111: @CHIZMAGA @DoriMuetz Daaaaaaaayum...Ted lieu fried😵 speechless... Lieus a leftist cuck always has been.. hes the same idio…2 weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @ShawnG927: #tbt Today Steven Tyler of Aerosmith doesn’t want any of his music being played at Trump rallies! So I’m guessing Steven Tyl…2 weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonAlright folks, we are there! no more talk! Its time American patriots grow the balls that our founders had and star… weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky Thompsonthis enemy of the US need to be gone!! weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @JohnTrumpFanKJV: Praise the Lord. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wins. weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @ever_relentless: Has a black woman ever hated Jews so much that the KKK Grand Wizard gives her props. Ilhan Omar just did. Former KKK…2 weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonAnyone want to tell me why cnn, cnbc, msnbc and all others are readily available but Fox news live stream is off li… weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonEnough is enough folks! We have to fight against this liberal government over reach! Its time we Patriots remember… weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonThis is exactly why I have called out the left! I host a nationwide fishing show and can't just disappear! I am as… weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonHey @CoryBooker I want to test your Spartacus Comment? You name place and time and I will fly there on my dime and… weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonACLU is nothing more that liberal propaganda!! And our tax money subsidizes it!!2 weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonRT @Henryhahadavis: @AOC . YO DUMB ASS NEED TO GET THE FUCK OTTA HERE WIT DAT BULLSHIT! (WARNING! Harsh LANGUAGE) weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky ThompsonThat's liberal Oregon for ya folks! What's the saying?"Keep Portland Weird"? , Well, at least they are consistent! weeks ago
Rocky ThompsonRocky Thompson"For the best nights sleep in the whole wide world!, Visit,"!!2 weeks ago

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