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Through our award-winning, nationally televised television series, Majesty Outdoors Television, fatherless teenagers are taken on their maiden outdoor adventure. Whether hunting or fishing in amazing locations throughout the United States, host Bill Blodgett positively impacts the lives of these teenagers through once in a lifetime experiences. Each fatherless teenager who appears on air, receives a college scholarship once they complete high school and meet our requirements

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Air Timesest
Mondays at 9:00 AM
Thursdays at 6:30 AM

Bill Blodgett
Throughout most of my adult life, I have I watched a ton of hunting and fishing shows.  These experiences led me to believe that Outdoor TV seemed to be all about the show’s “Host” and how big an animal they harvested, or how large a fish they caught.  When Majesty Outdoors was placed on my heart, I wanted it to be about the teenager and his/her first time experiencing the great outdoors.  Thus, the main character changes from episode to episode, and the adventure is never the same!  Although the experience itself is life changing for each teen, the scholarships we provide are truly life changing for them and their mothers.  Majesty Outdoors Foundation exists to bring awareness and enact real change in the lives of fatherless children throughout our communities.