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Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerCheck out my latest blog on the Worldwide Trophy Adventures website. Dad and I had an awesome trip, so much that I’… months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerSo pumped to get this guy in the field!!! Thanks @kreggthomassen for helping me get this setup today. Props to Gun… months ago
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Erhan TürkerErhan Türker months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerProbably one of the coolest videos I’ve seen, Maddy and her dad Ryan self filmed her sheep hunt last year!!! Check… months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerIt’s sheep week!!! Make sure to check out the link below for the write up that Ryan Watchorn did on his daughter Ma… months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerCheck out the link in my bio to read about our recent trip to France.... months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerLast day of the first week of the Redy Challenge... hows everyone feeling? months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerDay 4 of the Redy Challenge. Get after it! months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerWyoming elk deadline is approaching. Make sure to give a call to the Worldwide Trophy Adventures TAGS team today to… months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan Türker months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerSo many moving parts as a business continues grow, but know that no matter how big or small the choices are we don’… months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerCan’t beat deer hunting in Sonora, weather is a tad nicer than MI in January also 🤷🏻‍♂️ Whitaker Brothers Hunting Company3 months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerFind Your Adventure!!! Make sure to check out the link below for Worldwide Trophy Adventures new catalog, we have a… months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerDay one underway... check out the workout provided by Redy Nutrients. Each day Donnie will be posting the featured… months ago
Erhan TürkerErhan TürkerPumped to be starting the Redy 60-day challenge beginning Monday. To kick it off I had a great chat with Donnie at… months ago


Expedition Series takes viewers across the high seas and over the tallest peaks in search of the outdoor experiences that drive them.
Hosted by Mark Peterson, the show goes beyond the trophies to the quest for something more, by plugging into the cultures and personalities that make these exotic locations so special. From Alaska to Pakistan and many more unique locations in between, Mark hunts for adventure and a deeper understanding of some of the most sought-after game species and challenging locations across the world. This up close and personal account of Mark’s adventurous spirit breaks the mold, fusing travel, hunting and exploration like no series
ever has.

Air Timesest
Mondays at 7:30 AM
Wednesdays at 8:00 PM

Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson is the definition of big game hunter. The trophies he goes after aren’t only found in the backyard, they are also found in the most remote stretches of the earth. From the desolate landscapes of the far corners of Australia, to elevations upwards of 15,000 feet searching for the elusive blue sheep. His passion for trophy hunting started at a very early age, and eventually led him to his full-time occupation as owner of Worldwide Trophy Adventures (WTA), a booking and consulting agency for hunters in search of their own dream trophy. Mark grew up in Oceana County, near Lake Michigan. For the past 18 years, his hunts have continued in his home state, but have since expanded to locations across the globe.