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The conservation story in North America is a proud one and hunting has allowed the 29 big game species in North America to flourish. In Triple Threat, Mark aims to tell the stories behind the conservation of each species, while he chases the North America 29 three times: with a bow, with a rifle, and with a muzzleloader. This accomplishment has never previously been completed, documented and filmed. 

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Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson is the definition of big game hunter. The trophies he goes after aren’t only found in the backyard, they are also found in the most remote stretches of the earth. From the desolate landscapes of the far corners of Australia, to elevations upwards of 15,000 feet searching for the elusive blue sheep. His passion for trophy hunting started at a very early age, and eventually led him to his full-time occupation as owner of Worldwide Trophy Adventures (WTA), a booking and consulting agency for hunters in search of their own dream trophy. Mark grew up in Oceana County, near Lake Michigan. For the past 18 years, his hunts have continued in his home state, but have since expanded to locations across the globe.