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This year on Maximum Outdoors TV…the Team enters their sixth season of making great outdoor TV all the while living their normal lives as: fathers, husbands, and avid outdoorsmen. Make sure you follow the MOTV Team as they juggle the every day life, while in pursuit of giant Whitetail animals from Iowa to there home farms in Michigan, and their hot spot in Illinois. MOTV will take you on a journey you wont want to miss as the team will go to great lengths to harvest great mature Whitetail
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Nathan and Jamie Lee
Nathan Lee
I was raised in a small town right in the thumb of Michigan. Growing up in the country where hunting is a lifestyle, and opening day of deer season was a holiday. My father was the first one to take me hunting at the age of 8. After that you couldn’t stop me, every chance I was given my buddies and I were outdoors, growing, living, learning what hunting is all about, and the camaraderie that comes from it. Right then and there I was hooked and a passion for the outdoors was instilled in me. The love of deer hunting grew beyond my control, and now is a part of me. It runs in my blood. As I followed in my family footsteps joining local union #17 and becoming a lineman. I always felt like there was something missing. I have been traveling on the road hunting for a few years with a very supportive wife at home. It really wasn’t until my wife started joining me on the road did it click, it became something we longed to do with one another. So with a lot of praying and great sermons at church, it lead us to taking on a new adventure in life. Packing up moving, leaving our careers, and starting over by moving to the best whitetail hunting the country had to offer. Ask yourself: If you could do anything for 8 hours a day for the rest of your life, and money were no object, what would you do? That was the question I was asking myself every day trying to figure out how to link my passion and work life together. The saying “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Has lead me to where we are now. Being able to hunt and film with my family while building a career around hunting properties. Not only being a Realtor at Heartland Trophy Properties but putting my knowledge, passion, and love to work for my clients in helping them build their dream farm for their families. I can’t thank the Lord enough for the opportunities he has given my family while blessing me with having my own family. Giving me the blessing and responsibility of raising the next generation of outdoorsman. You just have to keep the faith and trust in Gods plan. 

Jamie Lee

Since I was a little girl, I have always been a tomboy but with a girly twist. I would put on all my jewelry from my Pretty Little Princess game the rings, bracelets, feathery boas and top it all off with my pretty crown. Let’s just say growing up on a dead end street, I stood out a little all dressed up covered in mud. Even with all my pretty accessories I just wanted to play along with the boys. They always seemed to have more fun, they got dirtier, and they played harder. My Uncle Bubba was the first one to put a bow in my hand and teach me how to shoot, and I loved it. I was fortunate to always get an invite to go shooting, fishing, and even duck hunting. However, it really wasn’t until I met Nathan who really lit the fire inside of me. Actually, our first date was a night of fishing on the lake. I think he just wanted to see if I would bait my own hook, see if I could hang. He was excited to teach me, to show me new things. And me being ME I wanted to learn. I didn’t want to just sit there watching him shoot his bow I wanted one. So Nathan bought me my first bow, and I never thought at the time it would lead to ALL my vacation time being used sitting 20ft in a tree stand in the dead of winter. But I wouldn’t have it any other way the adventures we have been on together have been amazing. Hunting and the outdoors have become a way of life for us and I know this is just the beginning. Coming to Iowa was a very hard decision to move away from everything we know and love. It’s just something we felt we had to try and God was leading us too. I have to say we are very blessed, God has brought us together to share a life with now blessing us with having our son Thor. That at only 5 months is already helped with putting in food plots, checking trial cams, setting up farms, and helping mom recover my buck. Having someone to share your love and passion with is an awesome thing. I can’t wait to see what’s next on our families next seasons in life. Thank you Lord for my family and blessing us with this way of life. 

Steve Noble

Steve Noble is a born and raised product of Michigan. Growing up stomping around in the timber of Michigan, and throwing lines in the Great Lakes has paved the way for this passionate outdoorsman. There are three things that Steve recalls about his young hunting career that seems to have “ignited” the fire. “On one evening when I was 10 years old my Dad put a recurve bow in my hand, one wooden arrow with a field tip, and he sat me on a stump on the edge of the timber he was hunting”, on this hunt a mature doe came out and crept within 5 yards of his makeshift ground blind. “The doe spotted me, I froze, I tried so hard not to move…but every time she stomped her foot I rose about 6 inches off of my seat in fear”, recalled Steve. There was no fear of any animal being shot on that hunt, but Steve sure felt like he was hunting, and that was pretty impressionable on him. That experience in addition to hundreds of other outdoor adventures has created a Monster. Steve is a passionate bow hunter that has harvested several animals that include whitetail deer, black bear, and turkey in the states of Michigan and Illinois, with multiple animals qualifying for the pope and young record books. Steve is also an avid fly fisherman in pursuit of big brown trout that inhabit the streams of Michigan.

Chris Garza

Born and raised in Deckerville, Michigan and having known forever that I wanted to make my living and live in this rural community my whole life. Growing up, the outdoors was a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine what my life would be without it! I was taught most of my knowledge about the outdoors from my grandfather, father and uncle at an early age and use that valuable information not only while in the outdoors, but also in life everyday! Family is the most important thing in my life, and being able to pass on lessons learned over time back to my children is what drives my passion for life and the great outdoors!