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Join host Eric Morris as he travels America on a mission to create more hunting and outdoor diversity.  Eric is an outdoor writer, speaker, hunter education instructor, and outdoor television personality.  The focus is on hunting skills, marksmanship, and affordable hunting.  Watch as Eric pays homage to the great woodsmen that came before him and uses nontypical hunting techniques to harvest game such as deer, hog, bear, quail, pheasant, duck, turkey, Alaskan game, rabbits, and more. N.onT.ypical Outdoorsman TV focuses on hunting, fishing, firearms, archery, survival techniques, and responsible outdoorsmanship.  Each episode is packed with trivia, adventure, and a tip of the week to make you a better hunter and outdoorsman.  75% of the hunts take place on lands that are open to the public.  

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Fridays at 5:00 AM
Saturday at 4:00 PM

Eric Morris
Eric Morris is a three-time Army combat veteran, published outdoor writer, public speaker, and hunter education instructor that lives for the hunt and for the challenge of creating more diversity within hunting and the outdoors.  A native of Talladega, AL who now lives outside of Atlanta, GA, Eric uses his show to engage, inspire, and motivate others to become outdoorsmen.  He prefers the simple life when it comes to hunting and relies more on skill and wit than the use of technology and science.  It’s not about trophy hunting for Eric, it is about putting meat in the freezer while teaching others to become ethical hunters. 75% of his hunts and adventures are on lands that are open to the public. Eric uses nontypical hunting techniques and firearms to harvest game such as deer, fish, hog, bear, quail, reptiles, pheasant, waterfowl, turkey, Alaskan game, and more.