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Point Blank Outdoors is a team of close friends consisting of Mark Hitcome , Randy Hardy, and Brian Hitcome. We are a true 365 day a year group of sportsmen! You’ll find us hunting just about anything that is in season, and fishing any body of water that holds game fish. Please come and share our 365 lifestyle…because one season just isn’t enough!

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Mondays at 5:30 PM
Tuesdays at 7:30 PM
Thursdays at 7:30 AM

Mark Hitcome
As a true blue Western New Yorker Mark has been hunting and fishing his whole life.Growing up buying vhs tapes of old hunting shows started a dream of one day having his own show.Through the years of hunting Mark and Brian started to film each others hunting and fishing adventures in the early 90′s. Soon after the Hitcome brothers met Randy and a quick friendship was formed.Followed later by Ed. Sharing the same passion and enthusiasm for filming their hunting and fishing adventures it was inevitable that some day it would lead them to the big screen.Mark has hunted multiple states with multiple outfitters and on his own here in New York becoming obsessed with chasing big white tails. After his first fishing trip on the ocean it seemed only Marks addiction to chasing big bucks would carry over to giant fish living in the depths of the ocean. As a 365 days a year sportsman Mark never stops pursuing trophies of the great outdoors.