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Precision Outdoors is a show about a husband and wife team, as well as several of their friends and family members, and their hunting journeys across North America. Precision Outdoors is based out of River Falls, Wisconsin. Your hosts’ Wes Kusilek and wife Meghan have always shared a passion for the outdoors.  They truly love spending time with family and friends. They also have a deep passion for passing the love of hunting on to the youth and up-and-coming generations. They enjoy traveling all over North America to hunt big game animals, while taking in the beautiful landscapes as well. Growing up and living in the Midwest, they spend a lot of time hunting whitetails. As many know, that in itself can be a full time job spent hanging stands, planting and maintaining food plots, and running trail cameras. On top of the Midwest hunting, their true desire is for hunting out West. Each year they make sure to get out that way and chase some trophy big game animals, as well as striving to travel to new hunting destinations yearly. PO has slowing been spreading its reach outside of the U.S. and one day strives to be hunting all over the world. Precision Outdoors has three goals every season: Number one, spend time with family in the outdoors hunting; Number two, take time to help youth get into the outdoors and educate the youth on hunting; and Number three, travel North America hunting big game in attempt of harvesting world class animals. Family, Friends, and Future are very important to the PO crew. Please join them in their adventures; they sure enjoy bringing them to their viewers.

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Sundays at 5:30 PM

Wes Kusilek
Wes and his wife, Meghan, are the proud owners and hosts of Precision Outdoors. Sharing the same passion for the outdoors is what helped bring them together. Married with an adorable baby girl and two dogs, they agree that family comes first, then hunting of course. Every second of free time is dedicated to Precision Outdoors. Wes grew up in River Falls, Wisconsin. He partners in the family business of Excavating with his father. At a young age he took to the woods, teaching himself life lessons in hunting. Also, coming from a strong background of hunting, he spent many days in the woods with family growing up. When he was 12, he hung a tree stand and killed his first buck with archery all by himself. From then on he was addicted. Though family was always there to help, he was determined to learn on his own how to out smart those whitetail.  He was and is very lucky to have a dad that took him along on hunting trips. This has only enhanced his love for hunting out West and has had a large part of shaping Precision Outdoors into what it is today.
Meghan Kusilek
Meghan grew up in a small town in Western Wisconsin called Ellsworth. Meghan graduated from St. Catherine University with her Bachelor in Nursing degree. She currently works in the Operating Room at United Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is a full-time nurse and full-time mother, all while juggling the exciting adventures of Precision Outdoors and its hunts. Her hunting began way back at the age of 12 with the tradition of traveling to Northern Wisconsin every fall with her family. Soon after Meghan and Wes met, she was able to mix her love of traveling with her passion for hunting. This is when she started to strive for great success in harvesting some incredible big game animals. A little friendly competition with her husband adds some motivation and fun to the mix as well. Meghan and Wes understand how lucky they were to have families who introduced them to the outdoors so long ago and at such young ages. This has played a major role in their dedication towards introducing youth to hunting, as well as Meghan’s passion for promoting female hunters and getting young girls involved in the outdoors.