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Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsWas the shutdown worth it on any side? I don’t understand why there is an issue building a wall. The Dems voted on… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsFor all you morons who call it a barrier instead of a wall. REALLY??? It protects us. Americans.3 months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsHad a great time at Cola Blanca Ranch in Hebbronville TX. months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsTime to and get warm in the blind. months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsSnow Day in Pa. 2nd day of Buck season. See what Reaper Outdoors cooks for lunch on his buddy heater. months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsTurkey day months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsWhat does coffee, Special Operations Wounded Warriors and Reaper 01 have in common to weather the storm? months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsOur Warrior Bobby Dove connected with a nice SandHills NE Whitetail with Reaper 01. Ron Bellan. Thank you for your… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsSomeday, but not today. This is a beautiful Muledeer. Reaper Outdoors promotes hunting and letting things walk. Pho… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsGreat dinner last night. Free range brisket smoked by reaper01. Go to Ron Bellans personal Facebook to get the reci… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsVote best charterHooligans Charter in Destin FL. Bobby Dove, our friend this will help our favorite Veteran out. I’… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsRecommend Rusty anytime. Great mount, great costumer service and they really do help@veterans. months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsWe won the Senate, lost the house. Hopefully the New Democrats and Republicans can find a way to keep the governmen… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsIn Wyoming with Chuck owner of #macsgunworks #Wyoming #lehighdefence #seal1 and Reaper 01 happy after voting and en… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsVote Vote Vote. Don’t let our country fall into socialist hands. I love my country, I love my Constitution, I Love… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsJust sitting here butchering up my Muledeer with good buddy Chuck. months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsBecause of us hunters, law abiding citizens and conservationists we have more game animals in America than ever bef… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsGreat hunt with fellow Warriors at Chase Hill Outfitters in Montana. months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsOur target. #peta months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsEver wonder why #americanairline cost so much? Especially when they sit on a runway8 months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsThis day was great. Spent all day with family and great friends #soww8 months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsLet’s figure out how this works. Then we can do selfies. #Verizon months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsHow do you like this mount? We ate the bird and now we honor the bird. #PETA months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsI just uploaded “Reaper_OutDoors_ControlledChaos” to #Vimeo: months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsToday is a sad day for many victims and families, tragic. Tragedy comes in many forms. 9 people killed + 16 injured… months ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper Outdoors@RobertFStack @linemanpaul @RepBrianMast Yes he did and for a minute I thought I was seeing things. I’ve sat and at… year ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsHow would you like this to be under your chair. year ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsSomeone somewhere has to stop the world leaders who kill their own people with chemical Warfare. If they use it on… year ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsGuess who got this? year ago
Reaper OutdoorsReaper OutdoorsNo wall? No need when we have our troops on the boarder. If Congress won’t get it done Trump will let our true hero’s protect our boarders.1 year ago

pursuit channel homepage logoReaper Outdoors: Survive the Hunt is the first and only Tactical / Hunting / Survival TV show. We live in the field, stay in the field and live off of what we bring in on our backs or find. Our target is our mission and our mission is to Survive. We use Tactical gear / clothes / weapons that make sense for the hunting world. We hunt a targeted animal and are relentless, using our skills as hunters / outdoorsmen and woodsman. We survive the elements, terrain and what Mother Nature throws at us. We show real world survival skills that everyone can use, learn, and practice, believing in being practical. Safety and education is vital to our mission. Every show has an educational and safety pieces that are showcased. 

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Ron Bellan

As the host of Reaper Outdoors, Ron Bellan, Call sign “Reaper 01”, has a lifetime of hunting, fishing and survival skills. As a Navy SEAL for over 25 years, he learned a variety of skills that added to his skillset as an outdoorsman and survivalist. He grew up with little money and lived off the land. “We didn’t always have electricity or running water, but we were always clean, warm and had food on the table. Our Parents taught us respect for people and Mother Nature. We learned how to live off the land and to take only what you need and let Mother Nature hold what you need for later. Food, Water and Shelter drive us during the show.” The kill is the final icing on the cake. When we are done we butcher, pack and bring what meat we don’t eat in the field back to our homes and share our bounty. Being a Navy SEAL is a part of who I am, but is not how I define myself. I wear my bird with pride, but utilize my skills learned as a young man and the skills I learn today.