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Swift WatersIt's always fun to meet great people! Hope your season we great!
Swift WatersSwift Waters - Running Mud Motors with the Young Guns. Out having fun - Running rivers, mud flats, jumping...
Swift WatersThe Swift Waters team kicks off the season in some of their local spots
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Swift WatersSift Waters Chasin Migration: via @YouTube
Swift WatersReady for the Can's to come in?#ducks,#waterfowl,#hunting
Swift WatersTime to start rigging decoys.#waterfowl,#ducks,#hunting
Swift WatersWaterfowl in your freezer, here is a great way to mix it up. #Ducks #duckhunting #waterfowl #hunting

While some hunting shows focus just on the shooting season, Swift Waters is unique because Shawn and Connie consider themselves to be year-round duck hunters. No matter the month, the couple spends their free time scouting locations in the off-season by foot, by boat, or by plane, where Connie puts her pilot’s license to great use. Research and experience are the basis for their in-depth knowledge of duck breeds and quarries–what they call, “Duckology.” Armed with this information, they’re able to use migration patterns, climate roles, and habitat and food source knowledge to show viewers how to effectively research, scout, and prepare for the short duck season. After all, it’s all about getting to where the birds wants to be. Welcome to Swift Waters. 
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