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Tak Driver TV is a new concept to outdoor television. Making the consumer the star. Many of the members of Tak Driver TV are everyday average men and women from all across the nation showing their talents behind the camera and allowing you to see just how the Steady Form impacts the bow hunter shot after shot. Join us for a season full of action on the only show where the consumer is the star. 

Air Timesest
Sundays at 9:00 AM

TAK Driver Team
Nick Albanese- Nick is the owner of Steady Form Outdoors, manufacturer of the Steady Form Torque Eliminator. Nick also owns a landscape design company.

Thomas Devries-Thomas is a co-owner of Steady Form Outdoors, he also owns his own general contracting business.

Besides being dedicated to their work and to their family, you can find these three guys in a tree at any given free moment. Living to bow hunt and showcase what the Steady Form has the ability to do for anyone who hunts with a bow.