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The Bearded Buck is an Outdoor Entertainment Company located in Western Pennsylvania. Founder of The Bearded Buck, Jerry Tibbott, developed the idea about 10 years ago as a practical joke between himself and one of his hunting buddies but has since grown into much more. The Bearded Buck has transformed into an Outdoor Lifestyle Brand. We dedicate ourselves to not only being deer and turkey stewards, but land stewards as well. Jerry has always said, “although one’s name is on the deed to a piece of property, ultimately the hard work we put into our habitat and wildlife management is not just for our own satisfaction, but for the satisfaction of knowing that future generations will also be able to enjoy and carry on this lifestyle that we have become accustomed to .” With The Bearded Buck TV Show coming to network in 2017, we are dedicated to bringing our fans nothing but high quality, professional level content. We will not settle for average! We work very hard in our everyday lives but also know how important it is to relax with family and friends and occasionally have some fun…well I guess you could say more than occasionally. We are a truly unique group of individuals that bring our own talents together to form a team like no other. We grew up living the “It’s All About Gobbles and Grunts” lifestyle. Through future ventures with new friends and partners, we intend to broaden our horizons. We will be expanding to live the “hunting and outdoor lifestyle” to its fullest. Who are we to turn down a hunt for any species, especially with great friends. We will always remember our roots that are planted so deeply in deer and turkey hunting. We are The Bearded Buck.

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Thursdays at 9:00 AM
Saturdays at 1:30 AM
Sundays at 5:00 PM

Jerry Tibbot
J-Rod is the owner and founder of The Bearded Buck; he is what you might call the Original Bearded Buck! Born and raised in west Central PA, and at the ripe age of 45, Jerry has many years of hunting & outdoor experience under his belt. Although he has harvested much game, it’s the path to harvesting that’s the passion for Jerry; he enjoys sharing his knowledge with family & friends to help them become better outdoorsmen and good stewards of their land and the game that thrives there. Managing his farms for quality whitetail & turkey hunting and creating a habitat for this game drives Jerry daily; passing these principles down to the next generation is something that is very important to him. He realizes that we are all simply stewards of the land and it is our job to leave it – and the game that is living there – in better shape for the next generation that it was before he managed it. He has strong family values and hunting with his son and daughter are some of his most memorable hunts. His life is based on family, friends, and all things outdoors; hunting, managing deer and turkey, food plotting, and shed hunting.