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The Climb celebrates the diversity of hunting across the country from Florida to Canada. Every hunt and every hunter is different. The challenges we face are unique, yet we bond together with a common goal.

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Mondays at 12:30AM
Fridays at 9:00AM
Saturdays at 5:30PM

Kenny Barker
Kenny has been filming outdoor adventures for several years and in 2013 started a media company with co-host and best friend Derek Alkire. Kenny has built a career in wildlife conservation based organizations and is passionate about passing on our hunting heritage, having worked for many years with youth hunting programs across the country. He has never met a stranger and you will never meet a more genuine guy than Kenny Barker. His influence in the lives of youth across the southeast is immeasurable and the friendships created invaluable. Kenny lives in Monticello, Florida with his wife and four children.