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The Den is a show featuring 4 teams that go to battle to see who has what it takes for national TV.  Guest judges each week will judge the teams good and bad points.  The show is hosted by “The Bear Whisperer” Blaine Anthony.  The team that wins the show, will win their own airtime that will be aired in 2019 right here on the Pursuit Channel.

The 4 teams in the 2018 show is Team Barbwire, Backcountry Traditions, Big Muddy Outdoors and Keepin up with the Jones.  These teams are all new to TV and are learning as they go.  As an added challenge, most of the teams are even editing their own content.  

Tune in each week as different teams hunting different game face off in the challenge.  Just after the halfway point of the season, we will start a semifinal round with the top 2 teams and continue until a winner is announced.

Welcome to the Den. 


Air Timesest
Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Sundays at 8:30 AM

Blaine Anthony
Host Blaine Anthony is a familiar face to national TV  viewers hosting shows such as Freedom Fighters, North American Safari, Bear Whisperer, The Search and Hitmen for over 15 years.  Blaine has also runs and owns one of the largest outdoor television production companies, Nature Productions.  Blaine spent his childhood traveling the world as a “Military Brat” living in places as far away Okinawa, Ethiopia, and all over North America.  In his late teens and early twenty’s, Blaine worked for large corporations running businesses until finally settling in Maine.  Blaine then traded the suits and fancy cars for his love of the outdoor lifestyle and began his career in outdoor television.  He now works full time in the outdoor industry with over 8 original productions to his credit and is responsible for dozens of other productions currently in the outdoor industry.