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The Real DealThe Real DealFunny looking venison but it was pretty yummy just the same. #WhoWantsToHelpMeFillMyBuckTagThisYear5 days ago
The Real DealThe Real DealMy Impala mount (last photo) is such a beautiful mount. Soft eyes and subtle features. I find myself staring at it… days ago
The Real DealThe Real DealAlthough Red Hartebeest was NOT on my list when we went to South Africa it was actually the second animal I hunted.… days ago
The Real DealThe Real DealI am looking for someone to join us on our trip to South Africa this summer to run a second video camera. If you me… week ago
The Real DealThe Real DealHave you ever wanted to go to South Africa? Do you have videography experience? The Real Deal is looking for a seco… week ago
The Real DealThe Real DealMost of you know I LOVE my bear hunting and one of my best ever bear trips was with Outland Outfitting last spring.… week ago
The Real DealThe Real DealGo enter folks......... What a wicked opportunity!!! week ago
The Real DealThe Real DealI have personally been in and used many of the different rooms here. So many uses and different sized spaces. Liter… week ago
The Real DealThe Real DealFebruary deal of the month is out at Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies....... Smoking hot deal here!!!!! weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealMight need all wheel drive with more snow coming mid week. weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealBig thanks to my beautiful friend Katie of Silver Cedar Studio! She looked after my first ever bear skull and broug… weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealBIFOCALS?? PROGRESSIVES?? How does it affect your shooting through a scope or even using binoculars or other optics… weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealBusy life? You can still get a quality meal. Office delivery, dine in or pick up to take home. weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealWHAT??????? I was seriously just working today on our episode we filmed here. This is a bear hunt of a lifetime. If… weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealI couldn’t have said it better myself...... nor can I grow a beard this awesome. I’m jealous. weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealSouthern Saskatchewan fur pick ups start tomorrow. Check the list to see when and where. weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealFriends, I need some help. I have decided to embrace INSTAGRAM but I am a 50 year old die hard FACEBOOKER. What hin… weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealAs Hunters Ridge Sauce Co. says......... "STAY TUNED". Thanks Travis for your help!! weeks ago
The Real DealThe Real DealDoing my rough edit on Episode #2 for Season 5....... Northwoods Bear Products played a huge roll in this successf… month ago
The Real DealThe Real DealHey Parkland Outdoor Show & Expo look what I saw on Wild Pursuit Network - Canada's Hunting and Fishing TV Network.1 month ago

If you believe in “Work Hard and Play Hard”. If you think of yourself as “The Guy or Girl Next Door”. Or if you want to see some real life as they happen hunts. You are in the right place.

The Real Deal is a group of people who “Work Hard & Play Hard”. We literally are…. “The Guys and Girls Next Door”. With The Real Deal you get to see our adventures unfold exactly as they happen. No “Smoke and Mirrors” here. We are the ultimate reality show……We are……..THE REAL DEAL!!!

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Sundays at 7:30 AM

Marc McNay
Marc McNay (founder of The Real Deal) grew up hunting the wilds of Northwestern Ontario. With his new found enthusiasm of videoing hunts, Marc has expanded not only his passion for the hunt, but also his hunting area. Although Marc does not consider himself to be a trophy hunter, he has managed to acquire some fine trophies while filling his freezer at the same time. Marc has a growing arsenal of camera gear to assist in his passion for filming. Top this off with running a successful outdoors business plus doing a bit of guiding, leaves Marc chasing his dreams and wildlife for a large part of the year.
The Real Deal Team
Amber Fecho, Mike and Kelly McNay, Hank Smoke, Mark Nault and a few special guests round out Marc’s team. These great people bring The Real Deal a huge variety of personalities and a large style of shows. From archery to rifle, from trapping to big game and from waterfowl to wildlife photography… we have it covered.