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The specialist is a different kind is outdoor show bringing you education and inside outdoor television.  It features new products, business advice, and hunting tips throughout the entire show.

We have Jeff Elliott CEO of Bossman Outdoors and Coventry Log Homes.  He is going to guide you through the in and outs of the outdoor industry from manufacturing to retails sales.

Adam Hendsbee best known for his part on the hit show Freedom Fighters, he brings you into his retail store, A&G shooting and supply specializing in the AR15 platform gun.

Blaine Anthony, the Bear Whisperer will do what he does best, and bring you hunting tips for bears.

Samantha Smitchko is a bullet expert and she will educate you on the different types of bullets and well as the manufacturing of bullets.  Ever wonder which bullet is best for long range hunting?  Well Samantha will be here to explain it all.

There will also be specialists from everywhere in the hunting and shooting industry including experts like Doug Roberts the deer professor and Frank Desomma, Mr. Patriot himself, owner of Patriot Ordnance Factory.

Air Timesest
Sundays at 8:00AM

Blaine Anthony and Jeff Elliott have been teamed up for years in the outdoor industry.  Blaine an expert in programming and all things TV.  Jeff Elliott the business man that brings it all together.  They team up hosting this one of a kind show.