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Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsAnother successful youth hunt captured on video to share memories for a lifetime. Congratulations Jack!!2 days ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsNJ youth day bird down on film. Ethan Hillman's first bird shot over Jode hand carved decoy.4 days ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsOur friends at Hercules Safaris are sending some cool DLC Covert Scouting Cameras photos. These are certainly thing… week ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsTim and John spent the morning testing different shells for turkey season. Opening day in NY is May 1st. Top targe… week ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsOur friends at PSE Archery shared a great picture of John Lenox’s 2018 Montana Elk. Where are you taking your PSE B… week ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsLast day of our hunt, my Dad and Brent went out with a Montana Double What an awesome trip we had! 3 slammer Merriams down!1 week ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsHad a chance to check some DLC Covert Scouting Cameras MP 8 Blackouts while scouting turkeys in Kentucky. Batteries are still good to go!!1 week ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsPro Staffer Keith Bartholomew is on the board in Kentucky1 week ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsCheck out these photos from Texas Trophy Whitetails!1 week ago
Rush OutdoorsRush Outdoors weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsCheck out these sweet deals over at OZ By ScentLok. weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsField Staffer Brandon Thomas doing some pre season turkey scouting and enjoying a nice spring day!!!!! Dryshod Footwear ScentLok2 weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsCaptain Mike Lavender and Intimidator Sportfishing is on the board with the first king of the season!!!!! weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsCheck out this cool predator hunting from our friends at Hercules Safaris in South Africa! weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsHere are some more cool DLC Covert Scouting Cameras pictures from South Africa. Thanks to Hercules Safaris for sending!!!!!!3 weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsIt's a Chicken wings on the grill, kind of day! @butler Sales & Service3 weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush Outdoors weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsWe would like to welcome Texas Trophy Whitetails, LLC to our family of sponsors. Free range exotics (year round), t… weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsThe DLC Covert Scouting Cameras are running strong in South Africa with our friends at Hercules Safaris.4 weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsTrout and salmon fishing season starts on April 1 | Orleans Hub weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsThe snow is melting and the spring thunder is getting ready to roll! Photos sent in my Rush Uncut member John Lawre… weeks ago
Rush OutdoorsRush Outdoors month ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsRush Uncut member John Lawrence found his first shed of the year1 month ago
Rush OutdoorsRush Outdoors month ago
Rush OutdoorsRush Outdoors month ago
Rush OutdoorsRush Outdoors month ago
Rush OutdoorsRush Outdoors month ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsIts that time of year. Trapping and calling seasons are ending. All the fur is drying. Pull the pins and go visit… months ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsShed hunting tips from Realtree Outdoors® and our very own Tim Andrus months ago
Rush OutdoorsRush OutdoorsThey are getting bigger in KY..... that's 5 currently with more looking to do2 months ago

Based out of New York State, Shadow Hunter Blind’s World of Rush Outdoors is a true celebration of everything that the great outdoors has to offer. What started as a regional show (Rush Outdoors) in New York 6 years ago has gained a great deal of momentum as a powerful team of pro and field staff members have committed to sharing stories of their outdoor adventures from New York State and across the globe. While many still view our state as nothing but concrete and steel, we know better and are proud to carry cameras afield after whitetails, bear, waterfowl and turkey. Some of the world’s best fishing also resides in our own backyard with Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes and, of course, the Mighty St, Lawrence River. And when our staff members venture outside of our borders we will take you along. Our cameras come along as we hunt Montana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Canada, Africa and More. We are extremely proud of  our “Rush Uncut Segment”. Hosted by Dave Morgan, Rush Uncut is a segment in the show where viewers and members can submit their footage to be aired on TV. This popular segment creates a great deal of excitement and viewer participation. Lastly, we hope you will enjoy “Swing and Miss”. This fun filled segment, hosted by Victoria Ferchaw, shows viewers just how human we are. No one is spared Victoria’s wrath when they fail to connect. 


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Mondays at 10:30 AM

Tim Andrus
Hunting whitetails is a true passion for Tim Andrus and he will travel anywhere to pursue them. To date he has had the opportunity to hunt them in 20 states and 5 Canadian provinces. What started as a hobby has now turned into a part time job! In 1996 Tim was placed on Realtree’s Pro Staff and hasn’t looked back since. Turning his passion into a profession, his pro staff position has allowed him to grow within the outdoor industry, exceeding his greatest expectations with great companies such as Shadow Hunter Blinds, PSE, Scent Lok,  Muzzy Broadhead’s, Whitetail Institute and more. His next venture within the industry was the filming of his hunts and his Outdoor Television Career has surpassed the decade mark. Tim has been the host of Rush Outdoor regionally in New York State for the past 6 years and continues to pursue his passion on the national stage with Shadow Hunter Blind’s World of Rush Outdoors.