NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – On this week’s episode of Deer & Wildlife Stories, award-winning outdoor television producer and big game hunter Keith Warren heads to Texas to check out a group of whitetails who’s antlers all carry a common theme: High Wide and Heavy. Meeting some new friends, Keith finds out just how special this North Texas deer farm really is.

Using northern genetics, High Wide and Heavy Whitetails focuses on breeding giant typical deer whose bloodlines run deep. Meeting up with partners Bob and Cleon, Keith learns the science behind what makes their deer so big and how important friendship truly is in the breeding industry.

Take a road trip with Keith to Texas and learn about this top tier deer farm and how their knowledge about whitetails can help you in starting your own deer herd.

Without deer farms, conservationists lose the greatest resource for research and whitetail management. With them they gain more knowledge than ever before. Join Keith Warren as he discovers the truth about whitetails and meet those who work everyday to preserve this great species for future generations. You won’t want to miss this episode.

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