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Timmy HortonWe love feeding the smallmouth here at willow.oak.lodge Book your trip to fish Lake Lauren which opens in January… https://t.co/rNnTxbodzj
Timmy HortonCan’t believe my baby girl is a senior this year. Love you big leahcarolinehorton https://t.co/RnZ9kyIJSw
Timmy HortonDidn’t make the final day, but had a lot of fun and a good tournament on the Mississippi River at the FLW Super Tou… https://t.co/aySlkYrmqZ
Timmy HortonHeavy D giving that side eye!! willow.oak.lodge #attitude #huntinglodge https://t.co/yKiYE8RsGV
Timmy HortonBeautiful evening here at The Oak!! @Heritage38464 fishmonkeygloves https://t.co/ZK5pyjil6m
Timmy HortonThe trackeroffroad works all week but gets to play a little on the weekend!! #800sxcrew https://t.co/a18iteBdRA
Timmy HortonSnaps!!!! willow.oak.lodge Call to book your hunt for this season!! Call or text. 256-810-5946 https://t.co/1HoGXHo4gp
Timmy Hortonkimberleyhorton5 has been making this squash dish with goyafoods sofrito tomato cooking base. SO good!! She fed me… https://t.co/NqCiSSgv2D
Timmy HortonMy sweet baby girl is getting put under to have her wisdom teeth out this morning. Y’all send leahcarolinehorton so… https://t.co/UFYMHlBdlZ

Timmy Horton Outdoors presented by Bass Pro Shops is a family-friendly outdoor television show recorded on public waters with the focus on entertaining and educating anglers of all levels. The show is recorded on a variety of public waters around the country in order to provide a broad perspective of fishing action for viewers and to highlight different tactics and methods in various fishing scenarios. Timmy’s seasoned knowledge and laid-back style set the stage for an entertaining 30-minute show that presents a load of fishing tips for the viewer in every episode.

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Mondays at 4:00 PM
Tuesdays at 8:30 AM
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Saturdays at 11:30 AM