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Timmy Horton#tbt to Lake Toho 2002. This was the final day of the event dean_rojas won. I believe I finished 5th or so. Deans d… https://t.co/p23gwE0ck7
Timmy HortonGovernor Ivey letting us go eat!! #openingup https://t.co/cP4Q72m1dX
Timmy HortonGot a cool @GoPro shot while filming!! #smallmouthbass https://t.co/qOEAYkhkMP
Timmy HortonMy man Trey got me fired up this morning!! Love it!! https://t.co/EBB1dMpqjz
Timmy HortonWhat do you do when a 6 grabs it as you are bringing your lure out of the water? 🤷‍♂️🎬📺📽 #wasyourolling https://t.co/rBYndRRMZ7
Timmy HortonI appreciate Mrs. Wiley giving me my first “yellow bass boat” It’s pretty cool me and Big Ashley are still fishing… https://t.co/hdfqaRORPI
Timmy HortonBook your 2020 whitetail hunts now!! 256-810-5947 https://t.co/uW1vEbHoWG https://t.co/u6ARHPFs9K
Timmy HortonTim's Tip: I trust @trokarhooks for the sharpest, strongest hook in the industry from my Trokar Heavy Flipping hook… https://t.co/1zOX1BW9Xq
Timmy HortonStealth is key when flipping the pads. The new @motorguideco Tour Pro is the quietest in the industry.… https://t.co/Hks6ozoy2e
Timmy HortonFish feeding at The Oak!! willow.oak.lodge https://t.co/qy0a6CTzNz

Timmy Horton Outdoors presented by Bass Pro Shops is a family-friendly outdoor television show recorded on public waters with the focus on entertaining and educating anglers of all levels. The show is recorded on a variety of public waters around the country in order to provide a broad perspective of fishing action for viewers and to highlight different tactics and methods in various fishing scenarios. Timmy’s seasoned knowledge and laid-back style set the stage for an entertaining 30-minute show that presents a load of fishing tips for the viewer in every episode.

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