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Colorado BuckTake it from Trip Causey 🦆🎄🎁 You don’t have to be an old timer’ to pick the right tool for your job 🙂 #christmas
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Colorado BuckIf you’ve met Colorado in person tell us what city you were in.🌎✈️🦌 - #coloradobuck #whereintheworld
Colorado BuckI just got this in from Scott of @CarlsonsChokes, the most informative teaching segment I've ever took part in. I d…
Colorado BuckPray you have a #blessed #sunday !! 🙏🏻 ~Colorado
Colorado BuckWhat a rewarding feeling to present my young #friend & #hunting buddy Blake his #birthday present from his dad…
Colorado BuckProfessional Alaska Big & Dangerous Game Outfitter Joe Letarte of @AlaskaGrayling takes his @MRCrifle #CBSE 505 to…

Colorado’s travels take him to such places as Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, South Africa, Australia, New Caledonia, Argentina, Russia, England, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Alaska, Cameroon, Kenya, and Canada just to name a few.  He is featured as a worldwide big game hunter in pursuit of exotic species most of us only dream about and some we have NEVER heard of. Feel the excitement and rush of the hunt with this award winning outfitter as he chases his dreams while bringing you a unique hunting experience from all over the globe.
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