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Wild Bout Huntin was created in 2006 as an idea to showcase the love of the outdoors between friends and family. It began as a hobby that stemmed from a passion to hunt and chase wild game. To learn about their habitat, how they think, what they eat, the different seasons and the animal’s behaviors. Filming was part of that adventure and added an additional challenge to the formula.

It wasn’t until the fall of 2013 when it became a more serious venture and a goal to create a television series. But with that goal came learning, much more necessary equipment and some hardships and bumps in the road along the way.

Handling all of the shows entire editing/production, creator and host Dennis Ganc juggles family, a full-time job and Wild Bout Huntin everyday. A task that has proven rewarding, challenging and stressful at times but his passion for the outdoors continues that drive to better his vision for each season of the show.

He relies heavily on a cast of team members that haven proven the same drive and passion and have had to learn the entire concept of hunting with a camera and filming for tv in a very short time. Team Members David Ganc, James Sharp, Wally Boyle and Kevin Tarapchak have been with the show since Season 1 and together have produced some exciting stories over the past several years.

Building the business side of the show has been alot of hard work and the most recent launch of the Wild Bout Huntin website in January 2017 was a big part of that thanks in part to b.a. multimedia and Blaise Arlotto out of Hazleton, Pa. Creating a site that portrayed all aspects of the show, the team, the partners, video content, photography, ability to contact us and the Outdoor Shop online store. Here we showcase everything you need to know about Wild Bout Huntin and the ability to purchase some amazing apparel and partner products.

We are proud of who we are, five hard working friends, family that love to hunt, fish and be outdoors. We pride ourselves in a lot of do-it-yourself hunting to connect with the demographic market of hunters who are just like us. Young, old, children, women it doesn’t matter; our goal is to educate you, entertain you and help you either continue that passion or hopefully introduce you to that passion we have for the outdoors.

We look forward to seeing you outdoors!


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Wednesdays at 12:00 PM

Dennis Ganc
Dennis Ganc grew up around the outdoors with his three brothers, hunting and fishing with their Father and Grandfather. His first deer was a nice 7 point taken on the family farm with a Winchester .32 Special. That day solidified his passion for the outdoors and the hunting lifestyle! Over the years he and his brothers would learn the woods from time spent with their Father and Grandfather, what to look for, where to place stands and personal experiences.

Dennis knew he wanted to make this more than just a hobby, but a way of life. As an outdoorsman patience and perseverance are key. Throughout his career, Dennis has worked in many fields which he credits to making him the well-rounded man he is today. His passion of sports carried over to his love for Health & Fitness.  Being a smaller person, having to train folks bigger than he, confidence is a must! That confidence carried over to where he is today, currently working as the Director of Marketing & Education for an Ambulance Service.

Both these paths require fast, quick thinking and decision making for the outcome to be positive. When he leaves his office behind and heads to the woods, this doesn’t change. In the woods, one needs to be alert and aware so not to miss a very important sign that might make or break your hunt. These are the traits that make him the outdoorsmen he is and continues to be today.