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About The Show

The Way It Was TV follows hunters Sid McCullin, Lynn Beaty, and Gevan Spinney as they share their hunting knowledge with the next generation of outdoors enthusiasts.

 Sharing the same core values of faith, family, hard work, and a strong passion for the outdoors has led to 47 years of hunting experiences together. Our vision for The Way It Was TV is to show others the way things were when they were learning about the outdoors, and to positively impact a society that is filled with instant gratification and technology.

The Way It Was demonstrates that a strong foundation of faith, family, and outdoor traditions can still impact a person’s life for the better, just like it did when they were growing up.

The mission of The Way It Was exists to share old fashioned traditions and values, through the outdoors, to reach a new generation who might carry on those ideals and continue to pass them down. The Way It Was prioritizes God, Family, and Tradition in all their media outreach.